AWA Wiffle Ball 2023 Season: Exciting Team Previews and Standout Players

The anticipation is building as the AWA Wiffle Ball 2023 season approaches. With eight talented teams ready to showcase their skills and compete for glory, fans can expect a thrilling season filled with intense matchups and remarkable performances. In this article, we provide an exciting preview of all eight teams, along with a focus on players who have shown exceptional batting prowess based on their high batting averages (AVG) in previous seasons.

1. Eastern Enforcers:
Website: [Eastern Enforcers](

Roster Highlights:
– Brock Blahous: With an impressive batting average of .294, Brock Blahous brings power and consistency to the plate.
– Chase Winkler: A standout player with a remarkable .389 batting average, Chase Winkler is known for his ability to deliver clutch hits.
– Jake Oliver: A reliable hitter with a .286 batting average, Jake Oliver contributes to the Eastern Enforcers’ offensive firepower.

2. Metropolitan Mojo:
Website: [Metropolitan Mojo](

Roster Highlights:
– Dominic DeMiero: Standing out with an outstanding batting average of .548, Dominic DeMiero is a force to be reckoned with at the plate.
– Austin Whitehouse: A solid contributor with a .250 batting average, Austin Whitehouse provides a steady presence in the lineup.

3. Northern Nighthawks:
Website: [Northern Nighthawks](

Roster Highlights:
– Drew Gradwohl: Displaying an impressive .321 batting average, Drew Gradwohl demonstrates his ability to consistently connect with the ball.
– Jack Blahous: A standout hitter with a remarkable .520 batting average, Jack Blahous is a key offensive threat for the Northern Nighthawks.

4. Pacific Pilots:
Website: [Pacific Pilots](

Roster Highlights:
– Josh Campagnaro: Known for his exceptional .464 batting average, Josh Campagnaro consistently delivers impactful hits for the Pacific Pilots.
– Keaton McKay: With a stellar .385 batting average, Keaton McKay showcases his ability to contribute significantly to the team’s offense.

5. Atlantic Aces:
Website: [Atlantic Aces](

Roster Highlights:
– Aaron Scofield: Boasting an impressive .455 batting average, Aaron Scofield is a reliable and productive hitter for the Atlantic Aces.
– Moises Valadez: With a .222 batting average, Moises Valadez provides a valuable offensive spark for the team.

6. Central Cyclones:
Website: [Central Cyclones](

Roster Highlights:
– Evan Clugston: Standing out with a solid .371 batting average, Evan Clugston brings consistency and power to the Central Cyclones’ lineup.
– Jeremy Langsted: A reliable hitter with a remarkable .412 batting average, Jeremy Langsted plays a vital role in the team’s offensive success.

7. Southern Stingers:
Website: [Southern Stingers](

Roster Highlights:
– Barrett Carlow: Demonstrating his hitting prowess with an impressive .467 batting average, Barrett Carlow is a formidable offensive threat.
– Jordan Rice: With a .222 batting average, Jordan Rice contributes to the Southern Stingers’ offensive firepower.


Western Wolfpack:
Website: [Western Wolfpack](

Roster Highlights:
– Thomas Blahous: With a solid .308 batting average, Thomas Blahous showcases his hitting skills and ability to make an impact.
– Alex Hardan: A consistent performer with a .257 batting average, Alex Hardan adds depth to the Western Wolfpack’s offensive lineup.

As the AWA Wiffle Ball 2023 season unfolds, fans can expect an incredible display of talent, passion, and competition from all eight teams. With standout players like Dominic DeMiero, Jack Blahous, and Evan Clugston delivering exceptional performances at the plate, the season promises to be filled with memorable moments. Stay tuned as these teams battle it out for wiffle ball supremacy and strive to etch their names in AWA history.

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