AWA Rules

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 AWA Field Dimensions

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  1. Regular 3 Strikes and 4 balls per at-bat. 3 Outs in one inning. A strike is if it hits the
    rectangle strike zone, the batter swings and misses, or a foul ball. A wiffle ball is any other pitch
    that misses the zone with the exception that a hit batter just counts as a ball as well. No
    foul outs.
  2. There are no bunts, a no-bunt line 8 feet from home is in plays and automatically ruled
    foul if the ball doesn’t cross the line.
  3. Pitcher’s Mound is set anywhere from 36.5-38 feet from home.
  4. First and Third 45 feet from home plate, distance from second to third, and first 40 feet.
    Foul lines angled at 75 degrees intersecting 4 feet behind the home plate.
  5. Up to four players on the field, a team can have a fifth member be a designated pitcher.
    Positions are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Pitcher.
  6. There is a speed limit enforced by the radar gun and ump that will be on a LED display
    for the event. We enforce a 59 MPH limit from the mound.
  7. To get a runner at home plate, because there is no catcher, a fielder must throw and hit
    the 14” by 7” backstop behind home plate. If there is no force at home, the bunt-line acts
    as the threshold of no returning to third for the runner. If the throw hits the backstop
    AND goes past the plate before the runner steps on home the runner is out. If the throw
    misses the backstop or does not reach home plate before the runner, the runner is safe.
    Once the wiffle ball hits the backstop it is a dead ball runners cannot advance.
  8. If the wiffle ball is hit in play the fielder must throw first, no pitcher’s poison, etc.
  9. Balls are fair if they come back in play before the first or third base, it happens a lot in wiffle
  10. If the ball is overthrown by a fielder to first base or third and goes out of play, the batter is
    rewarded one bag.
  11. Throwing the ball at runners is allowed and if they are hit while not on a base they are
  12. The infield fly rule is in play when there is a force at third and 0 or 1 outs.
  13. A Home Run is anything that goes over the outfield fence.
  14. No stealing or leading off bases.
  15. No balks for the pitcher
  16. No challenges in this game, all plays are ruled on the field by the ump.
  17. If a ball is hit by the batter in play but then goes foul, is stuck in a hard place to get, or
    bounces over the outfield wall up to the ump’s discretion to call it a ground rule double.
  18. 6 run limit per inning. No run limit in the 3 rd inning.
  19. 3 inning games.